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Why not?

I started Crapco quite a few years ago to make fun of things and people that I considered too; too stupid or too pompous or too rich or too full of themselves and I don’t think anything I ever wrote made much of a difference in anyone’s life. Maybe a chuckle here or even an LOL but it was here and gone in a few seconds. So when the urge to post something original to the web strikes me these days it is tempered by the knowledge that I really don’t have anything to say. Not anything important that has any real significance… not like a story on Lindsay Lohan, or a commentary on why we should or shouldn’t all carry automatic weapons with us daily… or a cute kitty meme.

But while I feel like it won’t make any difference I have come to think that I must say it. “It” being whatever is running around in my head that I feel has some significance because it is in my head. Like most other humans I know or read about I am thoroughly self centered and self absorbed and I am fine with that. I have come to believe that we are on this planet, experiencing this solitary existence for some purpose, separated from the cosmic connectedness that is <fill in name of deity here> to experience the reality of this universe from billions of different perspectives. I believe that is the situation but I do not know why.

It used to bother me that I didn’t know why that was the case and like others I sought the meaning of it all and asked all the questions. “Why am I here… what happens when we die… how should I behave”.

What’s it all about Alfie?

Anyway… I read this story about climate change recently which was a little disturbing what with all the flooding and starving scenarios and all, but the most disturbing thing… the thing that stuck in my head was the last sentence in the article. It was by Mark Pagani, a Yale geochemist who studies climates of the past who said “I feel like the time to do something was yesterday.” The idea that we have passed a tipping point and even if we all could agree on something (unlikely obviously) and even if we decided to work together (also unlikely) it is too late already. Cheerful huh? Welcome to the Crapco humor site.

There has been a lot of debate in this country over the years about climate change and global warming and personally I think there is solid evidence that it is happening . However there are others, not stupid people but in same case people in high office with much power, who disagree. My question, or questions actually, to those non believers is this…

If global warming is real and our inaction is dooming humanity shouldn’t we do something… something decisive and obviously QUICKLY  (See ‘yesterday’ above) on the outside chance it is NOT too late already ?

But on the other had if global warming is not real… what would be the harm in acting as if it was? What is the problem with reducing greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and burning less fossil fuels? The argument seems to always be about money. There are large oil companies that do not want use to burn less fossil fuels. There are large corporations who do not want to have to re-tool or pay for the technology to make their factories less polluting. There are lots of basic humans out there, self centered and self absorbed like me, preoccupied with making as much money as possible (go capitalism!) for the comfort and survival of themselves and their families.

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Happy Easter

A very important religious holiday today. This marks the day the Christian savior was resurrected from his tomb and ascended to heaven to sit at his father’s right hand.

In the US we commemorate it by pretending giant magical bunnies hide candy for all the little children to find much in the same way we celebrate the birth of Christ by pretending a magical fat man in a red suit travels the world giving out presents to all the little children.

Don’t ask me why as I am not a religions scholar.

While I like the idea of holidays dedicated to giving presents to little children it make make more sense to give much needed food items to much needier children. I believe it would be a “Christian” thing to do.

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Don’t let them see this !

Apparently some radical, socialist hippie at the Harvard Business School decided to change sides and developed a simple video even the poor can understand that shows who has all the money in the U.S. We can’t let this get out or we might be screwed.

On second thought I wouldn’t worry. As long as we keep big screen T.V.’s cheaper and feed everyone mindless pap all day they should stay oblivious.

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End Entitlements NOW

As an American I feel it is my right, nay my DUTY to express my essentially uneducated opinion on this topic that has been coming up in the “fiscal cliff” discussions. As the President and the Congress debate where to make budget cuts they talk of cutting spending on “entitlements” like Medicare and Social Security and unemployment insurance extensions, and one side is in favor and one is opposed (the American Way).

My simple suggestion is that we do away with the term “entitlement” and describe these things as what they are… subsidies. If someone can not pay for their own health insurance we subsidize them and pay all or part of their insurance premiums. If they can not find work because the economy is stagnant (or their job was sent to China) we assist them in paying their bills and buying food.

Now I know you are thinking “But Raoul… how can simply changing the name save any money and help balance the budget?” The answer is simple. If we start looking at cutting subsidies instead of entitlements a whole new pile of money appears that we can dip into. Oil subsidies, agricultural subsidies, subsidies for banks and financial institutions, huge tax breaks for churches and their property… the list goes on and on.

Last year retail giant Walmart, the essence of the American business success story with their buy cheap (overseas), sell cheap philosophy received over 1 BILLION dollars in subsidies through federal and local tax subsidies. If corporations are people and they can receive billions of dollars of subsidies yearly maybe we should look at ALL the subsidies we provide ALL the people when we start looking at making cuts.

Last year the oil industry in this country had a banner year realizing 80 billion dollars in profits. However it cost US, the taxpayers, 52 billion to help them do that.

Read about how much we pay to help oil companies and their investors make profits

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The cheapest product

Here at CrapCo we have been striving since our inception to develop an inexpensive product we can sell at a huge profit… the American way if you will, or at least the Corporate way. But aren’t those the same things any more really?

For may years we tried producing humor products like…


“Crack Whore Barbie”


Wanta have a good time sailor?

(Accessories NOT included)





The Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program

…the Fon-e-phone and our most recent technological innovation The CrapTab © “the cheapest tablet in the world!” (in more ways than one). The problem with all of these is that while they are cheap to produce they take a certain amount of time and (believe it or not) some modicum of creativity. Often we tried to bypass the creativity piece entirely by simply ripping ideas from other people (see the “Poople” link in the menubar for an example).

So now in order to cut costs even further we are going to be producing a product even easier to generate than creative ideas… and that is opinions. Like so many other sites on the internet we will be devoting our space to writing and posting our thoughts on everything from politics (ASSHOLES!), to Pop music (SUCKS!); from professional sports (ASSHOLES!) to the economy (SUCKS!); from Fox News (ASSHOLES!) to the “lame stream media” (SUCKS!). We will be covering it all sooner or later… covering it in Crap so to speak.

So if there is a topic you want us to discuss or a question you would like answered in electronic print just email me and and (like so many other places on the internet) I will do my best to tell you what I think about it without generating to much thought or creativity.

Remember we want to keep the price low and pass the savings on to you.


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