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Cheapest Tablet Device in the WORLD!

You heard about the closeout HP tablets for $99 that were around (for a New York minute) last fall. You saw the prices drop for 7 inch and 10 inch off brands over the holidays. Now directly to you, without the commissions to some greedy middleman we present the guaranteed cheapest table in the world. Only $19.99 US. (about 3 Euros??)

The CrapTab ©

The tablet with the amazing 11 1/2 in work surface!

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The Fon-e-Phone

poopphoneCrapCo Corp Inc is the latest entrant into the handheld market with their new Fon-e-Phone ©.

Based on well established internet technology and made in America… the Fon-e-Phone © is not just the the latest but also the cheapest entry into the hand held phone market. Except this one is SO good… you dont even have to hold it in your hand.

If you’re one of those folks who has watched all of those people with their i-Phones standing around playing games, buying stuff, checking e-mail and surfing the web and thought… “I wish I had the money for one of those #$@*ing things!”  Well now you do. With a base price of only $14.95 and lots of FREE apps pre-loaded we predict that this will be a very hot item this Christamas.

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Win BIG in the Bailout!

It should be obvious to anyone who reads the paper (remember paper?) that the US government is giving away large sums of money to any major corporation who asks. We want to know why not CrapCo!

No… that’s not it… why not the little guy… the individual citizen… each and everyone of us. Yeah… that’s it! So to that end we present the U.S Government Bailout Machine*

* Gambling on the Bailout Machine is not meant to be a substitute for actual financial planning. All payouts subject to the finanacial solvency of the U.S. Government. Void where prohibited by law.


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The Ad(Non)sense © Program

CrapCo Corp Inc has done it again! Just when you thought there were enough banner ads on the internet we decided that MORE were needed. So without further fanfare we are proud to introduce Ad(Non)sense© .

It is 100% absolutely free and if you put a banner on your website or blog, we will add a link to you in the banner rotation. You can even make “Crap Cash” (not to be confused with money), so go take a look and see why 9 out if 10 people say…  “I think you stole this idea from Google”.


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CrapCo Into Drugs

In an effort to recoup huge losses over the last year suffered as a result of the economic “meltdown” (and of course our own continuing corporate malfeasance) we are branching out into drug research and marketing.

Cheer Down with Despondex!

It was pointed out to us that while there are over 16,000 anti-depressants on the market today, there were no effective depressants. While many drugs have depressant effects like alcohol, pain pills and heroin, they all have (sometimes) unwanted side effects like intoxication, overdose or waking up with someone you don’t remember ever meeting.

 Our solution is Despondex… a drug that stops irrational cheery and upbeat feelings and gives the user the depressed feelings that should accompany life as we know it today .


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